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The Mind Body energy connection is the start of healing.
  • Liberate the emotional energy trapped in area of physical pain
  • Rejuvenate the flow of energy so the body can heal
  • Align the mind and body to reduce fear, stress and anxiety to achieve peace
  • Imprinted with healthy biosignatures to bring the body balance
  • Proprietary Blend of Supplements, Herbs, and Oils
  • Targets inflammation
  • Targets parasympathetic system
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 Mind Body Matrix Pain Cream
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United States and U.S. Territories only

The MindBody cream combines the powers of natural herbs, essential oils, and energetic frequencies to liberate, rejuvenate, and align the body. Connecting the mind and body, the MindBody cream targets not only physical pain but liberates emotional energy blockages associated with pain. 
*  We are currently only accepting sample requests in the United States. *
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